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Namaste and Greetings !

Creative Grains Calcutta is a Second Generation, Family Run, Luxury Gifting Studio.
Its Literally our business to Celebrate along with You during your Life’s Biggest Celebrations. Right from when You Were Born to your First ” Successful” Proposal ,to your Wedding ,your Anniversaries and of course , your Corporate Milestones,

We Celebrate it All !

This time around, we decided to take the Celebrations a notch further.
We realised that while the Celebrations we’ve been part of were nothing short of Fairy Tales, what is even more Inspiring is the stories behind the People living them.
Each and Everyone of us has a story to tell, a unique narrative to share, an experience which by default is like no others.

“Your Life is the only thing which is Forever Yours through all of Time and, surprisingly,
also the only thing that you can Share with the Rest of the Universe.”

Footprints are Gold and Silver Backed NFTs that Celebrate People, their Stories and everything that makes them Them; Everything that makes you You !

How It Works


These are Gift Certificates sold in the form of NFTs which can be exchanged for Gold and Silver Handicrafts from The Warehouse Trust. You can redeem the Footprints for a value equal to the Bullion Value Marked on the Certificate basis current market prices.

Privilege –

These can be customised to the tastes and preferences of the person being gifted.

Trustee Stamp

A Trustee stamp is the First Footprint of the Limited Edition Collection celebrating said Icon.

Privilege –

The Collector gets featured during the Release and Celebration of the Icon’s Coins.

Every Collector Holding a Sold Out Trustee Stamp can nominate One Trust and is Granted Voting rights for Management of the Trusts.


These are the remaining Footprints which will be released to the market once the Trustee Stamp celebrating the same icon has been bought.


Classic – 65 Coins out of every 100 Coins Minted
Ganga Jamuna – 30 Coins out of every 100 Coins Minted
Diamond Studded – 5 Coins out of Every 100 Coins Minted

Privilege –

Privilege- Diamond Studded Coin Holders will also have the privilege to nominate a Trust and participate in the management of the Trust along with voting rights


While each NFT is unique in terms of its offering , what sets apart Footprints from all of the rest is the fact that each Footprint is backed by an equivalent value of Gold and Silver assets safely entrusted with The Warehouse Project in the form of Luxury Handicrafts.

Even if the art value of the Project is lost over time ( very rarely ) , the gold / silver asset acts as a hedge protecting the investors original investment.

We are the first in the world to introduce the concept of 4th Factor Authentication.

While your NFT is already secured by equivalent purchases of Gold / Silver Assets, it is further secured by securing it with a third party at an independent secure space.

You will be able to use your footprint just like you can use a Gold / Silver coin owned by you. To begin with , you can redeem the Footprints at current market rates of Gold / Silver held by you and exchange the same credits for buying Gold and Silver Handicrafts at Creative Grains Calcutta.

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