Yes , you can exchange your old silverware for new products of the same category.
For third party silver ware , we will have to evaluate and establish the content of Pure Silver to arrive at the exchange value at current market prices.

For Creative Grains Calcutta Product , exchange take place at the following percentages –

92.5 Sterling Silver – Exchanged at 90 % value of the silver weight.

Pure Silver Cladded – Exchanged at 70 % value of current market price of the same product.

We are the best when it comes to customisations. Get your Gifts and silverware customised as per your tastes and budget . You can always DM us or Whtsapp us to start the process.

Yes , we have Gift Certificates available in our Pradan and Peach sections of different values. You can also get Custom Gift Certificates issued in the form of NFTS for your special occasions. Dm or WhatsApp us to know more.

Yes , we can make your old silver ware as good as new and complete then with gift boxes as well. Dm or WhatsApp us to get started.

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